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1. The simplest formula ever devised for attracting giant floods of leads from your advertising -- just 3 steps!
2. 15 "components" to mix n' match, in putting together direct-mail packages that involve the recipient and virtually compel response.
3. 5 formulas that speed up copywriting -- no matter how skilled or unskilled you are, how quick or slow, how experienced or inexperienced, you'll get great ad copy or sales letters done much, much quicker with these formulas (see Josh Bezoni's comment in the enclosed green folder).
4. Discover the sales-boosting difference between "credibility" versus "believability"…..why and how to use both.
5. 15 quick 'n dirty ways to create a powerful headline, fast!
6. 9 "E-FACTORS" (emotional triggers) ….the more you hit, the better your response…..use this little checklist every time.
7. 9 ways to use the "P.S." in a sales letter to increase response, push "think-it-overs" into action.
8. ONE THING you must do, ONE LIST you must make BEFORE you write even one word of copy…..this guarantees better results and speeds up the task!
9. 5 special techniques for selling repeatedly to the same customers!
10. 6 "secret reference tools" used by most master copywriters, easily accessible to you -- to speed the process, make getting great copy on paper much, much easier!
11. 4 "mind power techniques" used by top copywriters to focus their thinking, improve concentration, even let the subconscious mind write powerful copy while you sleep!
12. 5 quick-fixes for "writer's block", to get started immediately, to get the process rolling, to get words on paper, to break through the dam and get a stream of great ideas flowing.
13. 7 "shortcuts" you can use to keep churning out great ads, letters, brochures, flyers, postcards, Web site copy, etc. for your product or service as if you had a whole idea factory working for you!
14. 7 ways to "test copy" -- without spending a dime…..unearth its flaws and fix 'em fast!
15. 4 quick ways to gather information and "raw material" from which you can build the most powerful sales message possible.
16. Yes, we all know that "bonuses" can and do drive sales -- but here are the 4 key decisions to make about bonuses and the 4 best ways to get maximum sales and response increases with bonuses!
17. 10 of Dan's best methods for "presenting price"…..in fact, everything you need to know and consider about "price".
18. 13 strategies for turning up the heat……creating a white-hot urgency in the reader's mind so he responds immediately (if not sooner!).
19. A checklist of "cosmetic gimmicks" to increase the "readability" of ads and letters, to pull the reader in, to keep him involved, to build "buying momentum".
20. 13 ways to prove your case and erase all doubt, skepticism, fear and hesitation, create instant unshakeable trust, reassure the prospect so he responds without a second's delay.
21. Shortcuts, shortcuts and more shortcuts: Dan shows you how to write more powerful, profit-producing copy than most top pro's can, at twice the speed most pro's can write!

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