Another message from Dan…..

Dear Friend,

Some years back, I got a long "fan letter" from a guy who owned an art gallery and framing shop in California. He got my book 'The Ultimate Sales Letter' right before he and his wife left on vacation - a jungle safari. He told me he was so excited by the book, he couldn't put it aside. While going down a river in a canoe, through a dense jungle, with alligators swimming by, exotic birds making noise, monkeys swinging in the trees, he wrote a sales letter for his business! That letter brought him a $56,000.00 cash flow surge in 15 days. Just with the book! Imagine what he'll do with the Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box!!!!

You see, what I have to reveal to you about turning words on paper into floods of cash is really "motivational". No, not motivational like chants or hypnotic trances or rah-rah-rah speeches or hopping across hot coals barefoot. This is REALLY motivational, because it equips and empowers you with little-known, immensely powerful skills and strategies you cannot wait to employ. Like Don floating down the river scribbling his next sales letter, you won't be able to put this Seminar-In-A-Box aside. You'll be DRIVEN to use it. You'll wind up laughing like a hyena at how much harder everybody else has to work.

Don't Envy Me.
Join Me And Make Everybody Else's "Jungle" Your Playground!!!

A lot of people tell me they envy my "wizardry" with words on paper - how easily I make money for myself, as well as for my clients. But listen, this is ALL learned and learnable. I have no genetic or educational advantage over you. But I certainly can be your shortcut to comparable wizardry. Really apply yourself to my Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box, and you WILL be able to make money so easily a whole lot of other people will envy you!

Please don't let THIS opportunity slip by.

Order online right now, whatever time or day it is. Do it right now.


Dan Kennedy

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