Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan's recent, closed door, 2-day Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques.

This high-powered Seminar was completely Sold-Out and there was a long waiting list of others who desperately wanted to attend but couldn't. And, unfortunately, Dan has decided he will not conduct a Seminar like this ever again.

However, the Seminar WAS captured on recording and has been made available to Dan's Inner Circle Members -- thousands snapped it up -- and now I've convinced Dan to let me offer it to all our customers at a substantial discount, but for a limited time, to a limited number of people.

"After studying copywriting for years and years, I was sure I had seen and heard it all. I was wrong! The Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar introduced me to at least a half dozen new insights and techniques that will almost certainly double my profits in my business this year. I'd be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars if I hadn't attended this seminar. Thanks a million!"

Peter Louis Kacynski
Springfield, MA

Dear Friend,

What I've learned from Dan about putting words on paper that bring in floods of cash orders, excited customers -- for just about any business -- has quite simply made me a fortune. That's why I pushed so hard to get Dan to let me offer the tapes and materials from this one-time-only Seminar, to all our customers.

So, let me give you the details:

It has been about five years since Dan presented a Seminar totally devoted to copywriting -- to turning words into money -- and, quite honestly, it was "elementary school" compared to what he delivered in this one-time-only, no holds barred, EVERY secret revealed, two-day workshop. The tapes from this Seminar are "atomic"!

WARNING: This is only for people VERY SERIOUS about being world-class, powerful and very time-efficient direct-response copywriters OR who are using ads, sales letters, and other printed tools in their business.

This is definitely not for everybody. You really should NOT get these Tapes if you are a small business owner who intends to stay in that role or if you are not already relatively well-grounded in direct-response and have been doing some copywriting for your own businesses or for clients. This was an advanced workshop. GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY IF: (1) you are serious about turning your own business into a gold-plated, awesome money machine, utilizing ads and mailings that outperform anything you've ever done before, that bring in returns of $5-to-1, $10-to-1, even $50-to-1. Or, (2) you are serious about using direct-response style copywriting for a variety of products and businesses, yours or clients'.

In these 2 days, Dan took us through EVERY element that goes into a winning ad or sales letter -- in minute, exacting detail -- supported by loads of examples. He revealed EVERY trick, strategy, and method he uses. Dan has never before taught anybody all of this, step-by-step, idea by idea. I doubt seriously if he ever will again.

He also presented his personal methods for being FAST, efficient, and prolific at writing sales copy. As near as I can tell, talking with other top freelance copywriters, Dan out-produces them nearly 10 to 1. Yet his "win/loss" record is better than most, as good as anybody's.

Why Is Dan Finally Willing To Reveal Every Trick He Knows
About Turning Words On Paper Into Floods Of Cash?

Dan has been asked to do this type of Training often. In fact, you're probably getting this letter because you've expressed some interest in getting Dan to teach everything he does in creating super-powerful marketing materials. Until now, this year, he's been reluctant to do a "magician shows how ALL the tricks are done" Seminar.

Currently, he routinely commands no less than $9,200.00 for the simplest letter or ad to $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 per copywriting project, plus royalties. And he literally has a waiting list business, with clients standing in line and patiently (or impatiently) waiting for him to fit them in. Dan has been paid as much as $50,000.00 in royalties from one letter. Nearly 70% of all clients hiring him to write copy once, return and continue.

As a result, he's rapidly reaching a point of being unable to accept but a very few new clients during the entire year. And Dan is determined to cut back on his workload starting next year. So, he now feels at greater liberty than ever before to lay everything he knows and does on the table.

Dan is preparing for "semi-retirement" in 2000, and this is one step in that direction. He would NOT have done this seminar if he wasn't ready to relax and work a whole lot less, if at all. (In a sense, you are catching him at a "weak moment". Maybe he'll look back on this in a few years as a dumb move. We'll see. In any case, this is your ONLY golden opportunity to crawl inside this master-copywriter's mind and extract even his most treasured secrets.)

Originally, he intended to invite only 115 people -- who each paid at least $947.00 to attend the Seminar. Then he decided to offer the same know-how, teaching, "secrets", and examples he revealed at the Seminar as a "SEMINAR-IN-A-BOX", but only to his Inner Circle Members.

Now you can attend Dan's special Seminar at home, at your convenience, via CDs and DVDs, and two hefty Manuals including lots of exhibits and examples. You'll not only get the value of the Seminar -- you'll also have powerful "tools" you'll keep referring to and using over and over again. This "Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" is being offered in a limited number, for a limited time.

I want to give you some real insight to the immense power and value of the strategies Dan teaches and discusses in this Seminar Package. So let me just cite a few examples of his work for various clients:

1. A series of letters that took a company from ½-million to over 1-million a year in sales, AND more than doubled profits.

2. A single ad that has brought in over 5-million dollars.

3. A series of letters that pulled nearly a 50% response rate.

4. A sales letter "package" that pulls a remarkable $4.00 in sales per $1.00 of cost from "cold lists".

5. A letter mailed to just 2,200 people (est. cost about $2,000.00) that brought in over $18,000.00 in profits in 11 days. (By the time this 3-step sequence is through, this client will put at least $45,000.00 in his pocket against costs under $8,000.00.)

Just as Dan was preparing for the Seminar, he got a royalty check for $1,330.50 from a client in Norfolk, Virginia. From her test mailing of a sales letter he wrote for her, to 10,500 of her past customers and leads, she sold (just) 68 "units" (less than 1% response) at $395.00 net profit each.....$26,860.00 profit less about $10,000.00 in mailing costs.....$16,860.00 profit or $1.60 profit for every letter mailed. Now she's mailing a second letter to the 10,432 non-buyers left from that list and rolling the first letter out to another 30,000. When it's all over and done with, she will have made over $120,000.00 from just ONE sales letter. And Dan knew, just as sure as I knew the earth is round, that she would get these kind of results.

Wouldn't you like to be able to create promotions like these -- and be able to predict profits with absolute certainty*? How many letters could you get in the mail this week if you KNEW you'd get back a net profit of $1.60 for each one mailed? Would you like to pick up an easy $100,000.00 or so of extra money two or three times a year?

*Yes, Dan can show you how to know with 99% certainty that your mailing will be profitable.

Dan Kennedy's copywriting efforts have produced tens of millions of dollars for his clients. In some cases, launched businesses. Literally made fortunes. And I doubt very seriously if there is a currently working, active, sought-after copywriter anywhere in the country who can match Dan's track record of diversity and success, who will teach all of his methods (at any price). This really is a one-of-a-kind, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The ability to create compelling sales letters CAN make or break a business. I'm not going to embarrass this person by naming him, but his letter -- sent to Dan -- is on file at Dan's office and I'm quoting from it here, word for word:

"Eighteen months ago, we could not pay our bills. We went to our creditors and said we would gladly pay them in 3 months if they would wait. Some said yes, others started collection procedures. At the end of the 3 months, we had paid very little on their accounts and asked for another 3 months. Eventually they all got paid. And at the end of 1997, we decided to pay out $60,000.00 in year-end employee bonuses - the first bonuses in 6 years! I relate the above to you because I attribute a part of our success to your teachings and consulting."

Now I want to tell you that their turnaround is almost entirely thanks to their learning how to write one strong sales letter after another, and using direct mail to build their business.

Theirs is a remarkable turnaround and testament to the power of putting the right words on paper. To their credit, they were determined, diligent "students" (and ready-fire-aim, learning-on-the-run entrepreneurs); they studied Dan's materials, attended his Seminars, used his critique coupons, and modeled his successful campaigns. And they have gotten very, very good at this craft.

These are the kinds of results -- and more: bigger, better -- that you can expect by getting the Seminar-In-A-Box, and using these strategies revealed in it.

I Will Back Up This Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box
With TWO Very Generous Guarantees To Protect You
Against Any Possibility Of Wasting Your Money Or Your Time

First guarantee: I'll give you a 60-DAY FREE PEEK. You can listen, learn, and use this Seminar-In-A-Box for up to TWO FULL MONTHS without obligation. Anytime within those two months that you choose to return the package, you'll get a FULL refund. If you will write me a letter explaining why you are unhappy, I'll even pay you an extra $10.00 for your trouble!

Immerse Yourself In These Seminar DVDs And...

You will be MUCH more skilled and better equipped to turn out copy that will achieve the absolute maximum possible results in any situation. Being able to turn words put on paper into floods of precisely the prospects or clients you want, or into cash business literally at will, is THE skill that can quite literally change you and your life.

Which brings me to my second guarantee: anytime within SIX MONTHS, if you can send proof you used one or more of the strategies and secrets presented in this Seminar package and can honestly say you didn't profit by many times the price of the entire package, I'll still refund every penny you paid PLUS $25.00 for your trouble! (I dare any direct marketing pro offering seminars to match this guarantee.)

So the Copywriting Seminar-In-The-Box comes to you with ZERO risk. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now Here's What Dan Has To Say About This:

"Stop sweatin' to sell! - flick on the chain saw! I don't know if you've ever done hard manual labor in your life or not. I have and I didn't like it. Whenever I see one of those old Tarzan or "lost treasure" movies on TV, with the natives and guides tediously hacking their way through dense jungle with machetes, sweating up a storm, I think to myself: imagine what those guys would have given for a chain saw. Well, most entrepreneurs and salespeople work just as hard as those guys do, to get customers, to make sales. Why? Because they don't have a chain saw. The chain saw of business is the ability to put words on paper that bring you tons of cash, fast. After 20+ years in business, with 20-20 hindsight and clear present vision, it's obvious to me that, by far, THE most valuable skill is the ability to "sell via print". Forget inefficient manual labor.

I absolutely guarantee I can equip you with the ability to use ads, sales letters, postcards, fax broadcasts, emails, etc. to efficiently make more money than you ever thought possible, in whatever business you're in. Being able to turn words put on paper into floods of precisely the prospects or clients you want or into cash business is THE skill that will quite literally change your life, just as it did mine and many others I taught. One more thing: bluntly, there ARE some folks who prefer suffering, wandering around lost in the jungle, getting through it the hard way with a dull machete, so they have a masochist story to tell. I hope that does NOT describe you."

Well, there you have it -- Kennedy, to the point as usual.

Here's what you get with your

First, you get the complete Seminar CD Learning Library consisting of 10 CDs of the entire 2-day Seminar. You'll even get the evening 'Ultimate Panel Discussion' included on these CDs.

By being able to listen to these CDs over and over again, as you drive to and from your office, fly on an airplane, run on your treadmill, or soak in your hot tub, you can "imprint" your powerful subconscious mind with all of Dan's techniques, including many known only to a very small, elite group of direct-response "master practitioners". Soon you'll find that you've "programmed" your "computer" (the one between your ears) with the same know-how that Dan has. Kind of like mind cloning.

Second, you get Two GIANT Manuals: (1) the actual Presentation Notes & Exhibits Manual and (2) the "Lab" (examples) Manual that we used during the Seminar. These manuals include every example Dan showed up on the screen. You won't miss a thing. And these'll be very valuable reference tools you'll return to over and over again. By the way, these Manuals include both Notes and Examples that have NOT been published before and will not be published in any other place.

And third, you'll receive a "Blue Ribbon Package" of checklists, tip sheets, copy idea-starters, and assorted weapons I've assembled just for this Seminar.

As an option, you can get the "DELUXE VERSION" of the Seminar-In-A-Box, which includes everything I've just described above -- PLUS:

You get the entire 2-day Seminar on 8 DVDs, so you can "attend" while sitting on your couch, watching TV. And, you can attend at your convenience, like a half-hour each night, for example. Or a few hours each weekend. Whatever suits your schedule. Since you couldn't attend the Seminar, I'll deliver the entire Seminar to your living room. (You save the cost of travel, hotel, restaurant meals; you take no time away from your business; you learn at your chosen pace.)

Dan hired the same crew he often uses to film and produce television infomercials to come in and video-tape the Seminar. That's expensive, but once you see these videos, you'll agree it warranted the expense. You'll feel like you're right there in the room, participating with everybody else, with these videos!

You get TWO "Red Tag Priority Critique Certificates" (each worth $200.00 in and of themselves). I urge you to use them judiciously. Materials sent in to Dan for his personal critique with these Certificates get to "cheat the line" and will typically be answered within a couple weeks, instead of a few months -- by Dan himself!

Incredibly, This Seminar Comes To You For Considerably Less
Than You Would Have Paid To Attend It

I've got a genuine bargain for you. As I mentioned earlier, the people who were fortunate enough to get into this Seminar paid no less than $947.00 per person to attend. Plus they paid travel, hotel, and meal expenses which were probably another $1,000.00 or more. All total -- $2,000.00 or more, not including time away from work, etc. And the Seminar was well worth every penny of $2,000.00.

But Don't Take My Word For It --
Here Are More Ravings Reviews from Attendees:

"I have read all of Dan's books, have purchased his Magnetic Marketing program and the whole Power Points series, have attended numerous seminars, even paid thousands of dollars to join his Platinum Inner Circle Group. One would think that I would have learned everything Dan has to say by now. But after viewing Dan's Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box, I can honestly say that I've been introduced to hundreds of new ideas that I know will make me thousands of dollars. I've already implemented lots of them. You don't have to be a great copywriter to be a great direct response marketer. Dan makes it so easy for you by giving you the world's greatest templates, and then, backing them up by injecting his own, easy-to-use ways to interpolate them for your own use.

I have literally watched and re-watched the video tapes of the seminar, each time picking up at least one new idea that I can use that day. In fact, I've made a routine of popping one of the videos into the VCR each morning while I run on my treadmill! After thirty minutes, I've gotten my workout for that day done, and I've thought of at least one way to improve my pulling ratios. My only complaint is that I'm tired of seeing Dan in that same suit."

Reed Hoisington
Midstate Financial Services
Fayetteville, NC

"As a professional copywriter, I create mailings for some of the top publishers in the country. Yet on these tapes, I've found tons of great techniques and ideas for increasing response that I've never heard anywhere else. Not even from Dan, until now."

David Deutsch
Direct Mail Copywriter
Midlothian, VA

"After studying copywriting for years and years, I was sure I had seen and heard it all. I was wrong! The Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar introduced me to at least a half dozen new insights and techniques that will almost certainly double my profits in my business this year. I'd be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars if I hadn't attended this seminar. Thanks a million!"

Reed Hoisington
Midstate Financial Services
Fayetteville, NC

"Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar was a career-enhancing experience for me. Though I've been a student of copywriting and a copywriter myself for several years, Dan brought the whole thing together in an extraordinarily easy to understand and easy to implement way. Dan gave me more than I expected to get - it was absolutely a remarkable conference!

I constantly see financial returns from applying what I learned at the Copywriting Seminar in my own business. Every time I send out a direct-mail piece, I get more significant return on investment, more profit, and I have greater confidence in every bit of copywriting I ever do, thanks to what I learned from Dan at the conference. This has already meant thousands of EXTRA dollars in my pocket in the short time since the conference, and no doubt will mean tens of thousands of EXTRA dollars in my pocket this year, and hundreds of thousands of dollars EXTRA in the years ahead!

Though I attended the conference live, I was anxious to purchase the video and audio tapes from it as well. I have re-watched and re-listened to the tapes on multiple occasions already, and will continue to use them over and over again. I love these tapes! I learn so much every time I review them -- it's almost like I wasn't at the seminar live because I'm able to learn so much new "money creating stuff" every time I watch and listen. The tapes are so easy and fun to review because they are so entertaining while being highly instructional at the same time. Dan has a great sense of humor, and incredible experience and insight that make him awesome to learn from. As far as I'm concerned, Dan is the man!"

Tim Paulson
Gilbert, AZ

"During one of the last hot seats and the end of the second day, Dan gave some advice on how to systematically ask for referrals using direct mail on an ongoing, daily basis. I decided to take the advice he gave the other business owners and use it for one of my own businesses. Consequently, in the last three months our referral business has increased by 24%, putting an additional $23,275 of income into the bank. This example is just one of the many little golden nuggets of information you get when you attend a Dan Kennedy Seminar. You can't possibly do them all. My advice is to take the top three you know you can implement in the next 60 days and go make your own small fortune."

Chauncey Hutter, Jr.
Real Tax Marketing, Inc.
Charlottesville, Virginia

"I've been exposed to many different resources for copywriting but never have I attended a seminar that defines easy ways to use "clicks" which are the key pieces in any advertising piece to get people to respond. Now I can go through my marketing pieces and see what's missing, and clearly see what "clicks" to add. As a result, I've increased my sales from just one sales piece by 3% which has added an additional $6,000 in sales so far this year - I anticipate this one small portion of this seminar will add an additional $30,000 in sales alone before the year ends. I greatly anticipate applying everything else I learned. This seminar is a must for any person involved with marketing or advertising."

RD Skinner
President, Piranha Marketing for PCOs
Albuquerque, NM

"The information you gave us at your Copywriting Seminar has DRAMATICALLY INCREASED OUR SALES AND PROFITS! As you know, we've been active players in the world of Direct Response Marketing for over 10 years….And we thought we'd heard everything there was to hear.…But we were dead wrong! We left Phoenix on Friday afternoon with dozens of powerful strategies that we couldn't wait to put into our up-and-coming promotions. And, the first promotion we wrote when we got home was the single most powerful sales letter we ever produced in the history of our company! The results were phenomenal! We took in over $1,895,000.00 (yes, almost two million dollars!!!) on this single promotion! It all came rushing in like a raging river over a 30-day period between December 5th and the first of the New Year! And we wrote this history-breaking sales letter right after we left your Seminar using your techniques! I know in my heart that we would have NEVER achieved EVEN HALF of this response had it not been for all the awesome tips, tricks, and strategies we discovered at your Seminar!"

Eileen and T.J. Rohleder
M.O.R.E. Inc.
Goessell, KS

"I think the most important things I got were Dan's formulas - there it is, you can't go wrong, just follow the formulas. There was also a period of several hours where I was in copywriter's heaven because we reached a point where I felt like - ahh - we're inside Dan's mind."

Michael Jans
Insurance Profit Systems, Inc.
Vancouver, WA

"This is my fourth pilgrimage here in the last three years, and every time I come it changes for me, but I learn more and more. I've gone from taking notes - I've got volumes of notes - but what happened to me these last two days is four or five marketing campaigns have just written themselves into my spiral notebook, so the work is done and all I have to do is go back and put the work into motion."

Terry Hunefield
Oceanside, CA

"With the checklists and manuals Dan gave us, instead of me having to go through my six bookshelves and seven boxes of marketing materials, I now have everything summarized for me in one place, so I know I've at least, without even starting yet, cut my copywriting time in half."

Jim Fleck
HPS, Inc
Schaumburg, IL

"No one knows more about Direct Response Marketing than Dan Kennedy. When he gives his advice on a particular project or idea, his suggestions are based on real-life, hands-on experience. He doesn't guess. He has been there, seen it, or done it before. This real-like knowledge is worth thousands of dollars. When I want to be successful in a marketing campaign, I don't want to waste thousands of dollars testing to see what will work. I want to come out of the gate with a strategy that will make money. I don't need any more experience. Dan has helped me do this!"

David Lupberger
Silver Spring, MD

"Previously, it took me weeks… sometimes even months… to write a direct response sales letter. I dreaded the process. But after investing in Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar and using the techniques he taught, I'm creating sales letters in a tenth of the time (sometimes just a few hours!) and my response rates are at an all-time high. Thanks Dan!"

Josh Bezoni
Golden, Colorado

So Let's Cut The Cost By About Two-Thirds,
And Bring This Thing Right To You!

Your investment for the "DELUXE VERSION" of the Advanced Copywiting Seminar-In-A-Box is just $697 (plus S&H), about one-third of what it would've cost to attend in person. (Or if you prefer, you can get the "Basic Version" for only $497 plus S&H -- roughly one-fourth of the cost!) Frankly, this is a giant bargain; after all, it's ridiculously easy to "blow" several hundred bucks on a very small, unsuccessful ad or mailing.

By the way, to make this even easier and more affordable for you, you can make three easy payments of only $247 for the "Deluxe" Box. Plus you can use ANY major credit card or even PayPal.

If you are SERIOUS about arming yourself with Dan's secrets and skills, then you'll have to agree: the investment for this Seminar Package is a tiny price indeed.

The bottom line is very simple here: do you SERIOUSLY want to become a modern day alchemist, able to turn paper and ink into floods of cash, over and over again, pretty much at will?.....able to do it quickly, efficiently?......finding money in your mailbox every day of your life? If so, you'll do just about anything NOT to miss this one-time (and I do mean it: one time) opportunity.

Respond Immediately And
You'll Also Receive These Important Bonus Gifts -- FREE!

Bonus Gift #1: A FREE copy of my book titled, "The Ultimate Collection Of Winning Ads & Sales Letters". This giant 264-page, 8½" by 11" book is filled from cover to cover with proven, successful direct-response ads and sales letters that have generated MILLIONS of dollars in income. (One letter generated over 7 million cash with order customers!) Anybody and everybody who needs ideas for headlines, guarantees, offers, sales letters, or ads can profit by having this book as a handy helper and reference tool. Many people consider this book to be the ultimate "swipe file". I'll even give you a "License" which gives you the Rights to reprint and sell the book. The suggested retail selling price for the book is $79.00, and thousands have been sold at that price. You can, however, sell the book for any price you wish, or use it as a premium. Plus you get a 4-page direct mail sales letter you can use that sells the book for you! You can easily recover your investment for the Seminar-In-A-Box by selling this book! This book and the Reprint Rights to sell this book along with the 4-page sale letter are yours free if you are one of the next 75 43 people to respond. (A $597.00 value!)

Bonus Gift #2: A manual titled, "Secrets of Writing Headlines That Could Make You Rich". Section One of this manual covers: how to target your market with your headlines…..the 5 essential rules for writing effective headlines…..how to find the best headline for your product or service…..the 9 different headline types and when to use them…..and much, much more. In Section Two, you'll see the "361 Best Headlines Ever Written" -- use them as models when writing your own. (A $69.00 value!)

Bonus Gift #3 (while supplies last): A CLASSIC book by the legendary Claude Hopkins titled, "Scientific Advertising" -- this is THE handbook for all top copywriters. David Ogilvy, the famous advertising genius once said, "No one should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until they have read this book (Scientific Advertising) seven times." You'll get one of these famous books for free, if you're one of the first 75 43 to order the Seminar Business-In-A-Box! (invaluable bonus!)

Bonus Gift #4 (included with "Deluxe" Seminar Box only): Dan's "Copywriting Clinic" Kit. On these six tapes, Dan covers 97 very specific "tricks" that will boost the response of just about any ad, letter, postcard, flyer, Web site, anything that appears in print. And because Dan already covered these techniques in the Copywriting Clinic, he did NOT reveal them in the Seminar-In-A-Box, and I wanted you to have both. These are 97 tricks you can use to make all your advertising work even better. This kit also includes an Outline Notes Manual. (a $129.00 value!)

Bonus Gift #5 (included with "Deluxe" Seminar Box only): Dan recently spoke at T.J. and Eileen Rohleder's 10th Anniversary Marketing & Moneymaking Convention. This event was restricted to 100 of their best clients, each paying $5,000.00 to be there. It featured nationally respected experts on mail-order, direct mail, Internet opportunities, and other entrepreneurial and direct marketing subjects. Each of the speakers has been granted the Rights from the Rohleders to sell the tapes of this unique Convention. But I have arranged to give you the recordings FREE! If you are among the first 75 43 to order the "Deluxe" Seminar Box, you will get virtually the entire 3-day Rohleder Convention on recordings at no charge. T.J. informed me that he and some of the other speakers are selling this Seminar package for over $1,000.00! But order now and you'll get it all FREE! These have been handpicked and carefully edited, o you'll get a giant package of the very best audios and videos. You'll get to eavesdrop on this incredible ½-million dollar event that was restricted to just 100 people, who each paid $5,000.00 to be there!

You'll see and hear T.J. & Eileen Rohleder, who are VERY savvy copywriters and direct marketers. In their presentation, they discuss the direct mail principles they've used to earn over $30 MILLION dollars during the last 10 ten years! You'll hear from one of America's "grand masters of mail-order", Russ Von Hoelscher. You'll listen to one of the "secret" direct-response copywriters almost nobody knows about, but his brilliant work sells millions of dollars of products year after year. You'll even see and hear from Mark Nolan, one of the smartest marketers of diverse kinds of info-products around.

You will get the audio and video tapes of Dan's 3-hour presentation which is titled, "What It Takes To Make $100,000.00 In 100 Days With Information Products". (Dan's presentation was great!) With everyone else trying to get me to sell this, but me giving this to you for FREE, I'm as stubborn as a mule, and I'm determined to make this a truly "irresistible offer" for you!

So right now, you can get the "Deluxe" version of the Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box for about one-third of what it would've cost you to attend in person AND you get this incredible Rohleder Conference bonus "bundle" -- FREE!

I have NEVER made such a way-overboard-generous copywriting offer before and if Dan has anything to say about it, won't do it again. Oh, and these bonus DVDs and CDs tapes are limited in number. We're only guaranteed to give away 125 93 sets, so you need to jump on this right away. (At the very least, this is a $1,000.00 value!)

(Important Note to Remember: The FREE Bonus Gifts are included ONLY until our inventory runs out. And the 5 Bonus Gifts alone are worth over $1,795.00!)

Here's How To Get Your Copywriting Seminar-in-a-Box
PLUS All the Bonuses (If You Act Now!)

There are two ways to order:

One: Click here to order online (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). All of our online orders are 100% secure and protected using the latest security software available. And we use the latest Internet security payment stardards, so your information stays encrypted and completely secure (even safer than using it at dinner or over the phone!).

Use any major credit card or check (via PayPal) to order instantly and receive 48-hour priority handling.

Two: You can send your order in by mail, with your personal or company check to: Lifetime Marketing Success, Attn: Copywriting Seminar Offer, 14001-C Saint Germain Dr. #821, Centreville, VA 20121 . Orders arriving by mail are fulfilled within 72 hours, but, of course, there is the delay of the inbound mail. Please print out the order form on the next page and fill it out with your details (keep in mind your order must arrive quickly to claim all the special limited bonuses).

One way or the other, do it TODAY.


Chris Zavadowski

P.S. -- Still unsure? Click here for (at least) 21 compelling reasons why this 'Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box' will wind up putting more money in your bank account than practically any other business tool you've ever acquired, period.

P.P.S. -- Dan also had this to say:

"From an old movie, Jack Webb was speaking to a recruit who has just apologized for an error: 'A dead Marine is never sorry. A dead Marine is just dead.' After a client has spent a bundle printing and mailing a sales letter, saying 'sorry' when it fails does NOT offer much consolation. That's why I try not to put myself in that situation! Does that mean I -- and my techniques -- succeed every time? Well, of course not. But I very, very, very rarely blow it. And I can show you the "x-factors" that allow you to just about guarantee success, so you never deal with failure; instead, you only always deal with degrees of success. How would you like to know in advance that you will succeed whenever you place an ad or put a letter in the mail? How dangerous will you be then?"

P.P.S. -- In the evening of Day One, Dan lead THE ULTIMATE PANEL DISCUSSION --
2 full hours with very, very, very successful copywriters on a panel, sharing their most successful techniques and responding to questions. TWO HOURS of money-making ideas from people really doin' it everyday, in the trenches -- NOT theorists, NOT those who used to do it, NOT professional consultants -- people who put their own money on the line day in and day out, running ads and sending out mail, making money from copy. These powerful recordings are included with both versions of the Seminar-In-A-Box!

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"Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box" NOW!

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